Kombucha for cause

Our community is very important to us and we firmly believe, as a business, in both charitable and civic involvement. Giving back time, energy, and resources helps to build stronger and more vibrant communities and serves to keep us focused on the most important things in life. We hope that you’ll join us!


Franklin County Relay For Life 2019

An amazing effort to ALL the relay teams of Franklin county for raising over $120,000. Team #afkkombucha had a great time, gave away a ton of booch, and met so many wonderful people. Thank you everyone!


Green Up Day St. Albans 2019

Green Up Day occurs on the first Saturday of May every year. It’s a statewide event for volunteers all over Vermont to remove litter from roadsides and public spaces. 247 towns and cities participate. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach children how to care for the environment. Our team is pictured top right. Great job to all participants across the city.


Penguin Plunge For Special Olympics of Vermont 2018

team #afkkombucha took the plunge today for the Vermont Special Olympics. Thank you to everyone who pledged to help us exceed our goal. This is such a great benefit and we’re proud to have been part of it. In all 1200 people took the plunge and over $500,000 was raised this year, which is half of the the operating budget of the Special Olympics!