our story


We’re a couple of IT professionals that take pride in everything we do, both at our desks, and when we’re Away From the Keyboard (AFK).

While our meeting was by chance, we soon formed a great friendship and identified a kindred work ethic and desire to constantly pursue perfection. Add in a thirst for kombucha and a taste for quality, and it wasn’t long before we were pushing each other to produce a better booch. One thing led to another, and we began collaborating and brewing together.

Over time, we moved away from the heavily-flavored style of kombucha that others were bottling, focusing instead on bringing out the true essence that arises from the primary fermentation. Applying the rules we know from our day-to-day roles, we brewed, tested, monitored and retested until (many batches later) we had exactly what we were looking for.

Now we would like to share our passion with you. Relying only on natural ingredients and a select blend of 100% organic teas, we present an unmasked Kombucha experience that we know you will crave.


Jeremy & Derrick